The Women's National Republican Club

Members, Affiliates and Guests

Summary of House Rules Related to Conduct within the Clubhouse

November 2015


1. GENERAL. The following are the House Rules for all members, guests, hotel guests and affiliate members. These rules will apply to everyone's conduct within the Clubhouse. They are not the Bylaws of the Club. The Bylaws are a separate document and apply to the membership. These rules are subject to amendment, revision or temporary suspension by the Board of Governors, as deemed necessary. It is the responsibility of each member to know and follow the rules of the Club. It is their additional responsibility to assure that each member of their family or guests do likewise. The rules are intended to enhance the enjoyment of those who use the Club. Any questions relating to the rules, interpretation or infractions of the rules should be forwarded in writing to the President of the Club or the House Committee Chair (or their designate).

2. SOLICITATION IN THE CLUBHOUSE OR USE OF MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION IS PROHIBITED. The Club or member's use of membership information, the mailing list and/or directory is limited to official communications, such as committee reports, Club newsletter, President's letter and announcement of specific Club events. General mass mailings to the membership and use of the list/directory to express member's personal opinions about the Club and its leadership are prohibited. The list/directory is not to be used for business, charitable purposes or any personal solicitation.

3. PROFESSIONAL AND BUSINESS-LIKE BEHAVIOR. Appropriate behavior is expected of all members, their guests, hotel guests and affiliate members within the Clubhouse at all times. Infractions should be reported in writing to the General Manager, President of the Club or the House Committee Chair for action.

4. REPUTATION OF THE CLUB AND ITS LEADERSHIP. Club members are expected to maintain and uphold the positive image and reputation of the Club and its leadership within the community. Member's contact and communication with the media concerning Club affairs is prohibited without express written approval of the President. Any concern and/or issues about the Club's affairs and its leadership should be communicated in writing to the Board of Governors (Board) or the President of the Club. The Board will make a decision (at their sole discretion) on what, if any, action is necessary. The Club General Manager is required to notify members in writing of any violation of the rules of the Club and to report the same to the Board.

5. MEMBER CONDUCT. Members are expected to conduct themselves courteously and respectfully at all times while on Club premises, to other members, and in all written and verbal communications to any member of the Club. Members who have a complaint or an issue about another member regarding Club business, practices, events or a member's conduct in the Clubhouse are expected to notify in writing the Executive Committee to determine if there is justification for the complaint. If the Executive Committee deems there is merit to the complaint, they shall forward the complaint, along with their findings to the Board for final action. The Board, at their sole discretion, shall make a decision regarding action, if any, to be taken.

6. EMPLOYEE COMPLAINT. If a member or guest has a complaint or issue with any employee, it should be referred in writing to the General Manager. Members or guests shall refrain from reprimanding any employee. All requests, suggestions, or complaints are to be directed to the General Manager or the President of the Club.

7. ADMISSION TO THE CLUBHOUSE. The Board and General Manager reserve the right to refuse to extend guest privileges and admission of anyone to the Clubhouse. Suspended members will not be admitted to the Clubhouse. Any person as determined by the Board can be denied access to the Club. A member who knowingly or willingly contributes to the presence of such a person is subject to disciplinary action by the Board.

8. COATS AND PACKAGES. These items must be checked in the coatroom in the lobby with the exception of coats and packages belonging to hotel guests staying in the guest bedrooms. The Club is not responsible for personal property left in the coat room area.

9. DRESS CODE. Members, their guests and affiliate members are required to be properly attired and must adhere to the dress code contained herein, and any supplements to the dress code, which may be amended from time to time by the Board. Dress in the Club is expected to be reasonable and suitable at all times.

Women may wear pantsuits or slacks, but not jeans or similar informal attire. For example: permitted clothing for ladies shall include suits, dresses, and skirts or tailored trousers with dress shirts, blouses or sweaters, but shall not include casual sportswear.

Men are required to wear a jacket in the Clubhouse and a jacket and tie in the private rooms, including the Pub dining room, Pratt Lounge, Library and Lincoln Room. The elevator lobby dining room requires a jacket only and ties are optional. The Pub bar does not require a jacket but a collared shirt or a turtle neck are required. Neckties are optional at the bar. Men are not permitted to wear hats. This rule is not meant to preclude the wearing of any head wear required by reason of religious conviction.

Prohibited clothing in the Clubhouse includes: jeans and other denim clothing, shorts, capri pants clam diggers and cargo pants, T-shirts, halter-topped sportswear, bare midriff tops/dresses, workout/sport clothing, beachwear, flip-flops, sneakers or other athletic shoes.

Hotel guests may pass through the lobby, to and from the elevator and front door, wearing informal clothing, including clothing cited in Section 9 above.

The Club reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to determine on a case by case basis, what is or is not appropriate attire.(Members should not approach hotel guests regarding their attire or behavior. Questions regarding hotel guests should be given to the Front Desk staff or to the General Manager.)

Private events held at the Club's facilities determine the nature of that event's dress code. However, good taste, suitability and decorum are appreciated.

10. TIPPING. Tipping is not permitted by Members or their Guests. Hotel guests and affiliate members may tip on their credit cards. Members are requested to be generous to the employees through the Employee Christmas Fund initiated towards the end of the year.

11. SMOKING. The Club is a smoke-free environment. Smoking is not permitted within the Clubhouse or on the Solarium terrace. Infractions will be addressed on a case by case basis.

12. CELL PHONES AND DIGITAL DEVICES. Phones' digital service must be set on vibrate and may not be used in public areas or private rooms of the Clubhouse. Hotel guests may use the Lobby for cell phone use, if a hotel room is not available. If one needs to have use of a cell phone for personal reasons, step out of the Club to use the cell phone, with the exception of guest use in the bedrooms, member use in the Membership Office and the Business Center and for groups renting rooms for functions where cell phones may be used.

13. LAPTOPS. Laptops may be used in the Library and Lincoln Room, if renting the space or by a member, if the space is available. Laptops may also be used in private rooms (as shown below) by the renter at any time.

14. USE OF PRIVATE ROOMS. The Pratt Lounge is open from 8:30 am – 8:00 pm. The Library is open from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. The Banquet Rooms, Pratt Lounge, the Solarium, Terrace, Library and Lincoln Room are reserved for members only, unless these rooms are rented for a non-Club event. These rooms for non-Club sponsored social or business events are rented through the Banquet Office. Business meetings with papers are not permitted in these rooms, except if rented/reserved for that purpose.

15. BUSINESS CENTER. The Club maintains a Business Center for use of Club members (but not business meetings). It should be reserved through the Front Desk and members have a priority.

16. BUSINESS CONVERSATIONS. It is understood that some members may have business conversations over a meal or drinks at the Bar with papers neatly presented, which is accepted.

17. PHOTOGRAPHY. Photographs in the Clubhouse or use of Club event photos are not permitted at any time without prior written permission from the House Committee Chair, the President or the General Manager. This includes photographs identified with the WNRC presented on social media.

18. FOOD and BEVERAGES. These items may not be brought from outside sources into the private rooms of the Club.

19. PETS. No pets, other than service dogs, are permitted in the Clubhouse.

20. PRIVATE FUNCTIONS. The Clubhouse facilities may be available to members for private functions, but not at times that will conflict with any scheduled Club function. All arrangements for special entertainment or functions must be made in advance with the General Manager's office or the Catering Department. Members entering the Clubhouse are requested to show courtesy and consideration to any group that may be holding a meeting, party or event.

21. MAXIMUM BEDROOM ACCOMMODATION STAYS. A member may use the guest Room accommodations for a maximum stay of three weeks. Guests may use a room for a maximum stay of two weeks. Charges for stays of more than one week are billed weekly and payable upon receipt.

22. CHECKOUT/CHECK IN. Checkout time is 12 Noon. Check in time is 3:00 PM. The front door will be locked at 11:00 PM. If entering after 11:00 there is and outside bell to ring the front desk.

23. CANCELLATIONS. Any cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to the day of arrival or shall be charged, if the room is not booked. All reservations must be secured by credit card or to your member audit number. No cash or checks will be accepted to secure the room or accepted when paying the bill on checkout.

24. NO CASH OR PERSONAL CHECKS. Cash and checks are not accepted anywhere in the Club, including the Pub. Member's guests will be paid for by the member. Hotel guests may charge fees to their room. An exception to this rule is an event with a cash bar.

25. PROBLEMS. Any problems should be referred to the General Manager or the person acting for the General Manager when she/he is not on the premises. If there is a problem in your guest room, please notify the Front Desk.

26. CLUB DAMAGE. Damages to Club property caused by a member, their guests or hotel guests due to malicious or disorderly behavior shall be paid for by the party responsible for the damage.

27. PRIVATE PROPERTY LOSS OR DAMAGE. Loss, damage or theft of personal property is not the responsibility of the Club. Any property placed in or about any area of the Clubhouse shall be placed at the sole risk of the owner of such property. No employee of the Club is authorized to hold any property for safekeeping.

28. DUES, FEES, ASSESSMENTS AND CHARGES. These shall require payment prior to the end of the month of said billing. Past due accounts shall be charged a specific late fee. Payment may be made in person at the Club or mailed in a timely manner. Additional penalties may be imposed by the Board. An account may be closed for nonpayment and may be subject to legal penalties.

29. MEMBERS GUESTS. Members are responsible for advising their guests of any Club rule that relates to their presence in the Clubhouse and are responsible for all of their guest's charges.

30. PRIVILEGES OF MEMBERSHIP IN GOOD STANDING. Members have the privilege of staying, subject to the availability of accommodations, at the Clubhouse, preference in reserving any of the Club's rooms, facilities or services with due regard to courtesy to guests and the interests and reputation of the Club. Club members may use the Club's associated clubs after obtaining a letter of introduction from the Membership Office. Be advised this process may take a few weeks.

31. COMPLIANCE TO HOUSE RULES. The House Rules are taken seriously. The following steps can be taken (but actions are not solely limited to those below) by the Board, the President or the House Committee Chairman toward anyone breaking the rules:

First Infraction – Verbal notice, and written verification
Second infraction – Thirty to sixty day membership suspension and written notice(s)
Third Infraction – Recommendation to the Board to revoke membership and written notice

32. SPIRIT. The Clubhouse is a jewel in the heart of Manhattan for the enjoyment of our members. The members use our facilities to relax and to enjoy the exceptional activities, programs and dining offered. Observance of the House Rules insures that everyone's experience is pleasurable. Thank you for your adherence and cooperation.